Monday, February 6, 2017

Thankful for Marriage

This weekend I was going through all my files and organizing them. I found this one file that had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in it. One paper was about how parents get so mad or aggravated at the things their kids do. Spilling milk, making lots of noise when you are on the phone, fighting with each other while company is there. The list goes on and you can add to it with whatever thing it is that your children do/did that aggravated you.  It said parents will say, "When are you going to grow up?" or "Why don't you act your age?" then it said, 'Don't worry,  one day they will be grown up and they will act their age, and then you will have the nice, clean home and there will be no noise when you are on the phone, and no more embarrassing moments with company, because they will be gone.
I love being a mom and noise never bothered me. I love hearing people laugh and have a good time and what were wash rags and cleaners made for? For cleaning up messes. Brooms and vacuums were created to clean floors. That to me, is small stuff. All those things kids do are just training moments. Don't get mad at them, teach them how to be more careful next time and let them help you clean it up and teach them to be quiet when you are on the phone and not to fight, but to love each other and how to work out their differences.  It's part of being a parent.
I heard a woman complaining about her husband this weekend. This is a common thing for her. She puts down the little things he does with their kids and is always correcting him.  I thought about this paper I had found. We all have faults. We all do things that are annoying at times. My husband is no different than anyone else. He has his flaws, as do I. But I love that man and I love being married and taking care of him. One day he or I will pass from this life and all those nagging little things, that don't matter, will not be an issue any more.  One of us will be alone. I know God could take us at the same time, but most of the time one spouse goes before the other. I thought about this woman and how she is going to feel, if she is the one left behind and how she would be glad to put up with all his little flaws, in her eyes, if he was just by her side again.
It is Satan's job to  ruin relationships and many times, it is done by the continual, chronic complaints of little things that don't really matter. When you are tempted to complain to your spouse or others about him, or your children, remember, you will not always have them.  Be thankful for the noise, the messes, the inconveniences and that aggravation.

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