Tuesday, August 9, 2016

THE One You CAN Count On

There are very few things you can count on in this life. One thing that will never fail  you, is God.
Your spouse may walk out.
Your 'friends' may walk out when you need them most.
Your children may turn their back on you.
Your co workers may be friendly to your face but stabbing you repeatedly in the back.
Your church may not care about the hurts you are going through.
Don't be angry at them. They don't understand the love of God.  When we experience the love that God has, we love others the same way.
God will never leave you!!
Instead of going to that spouse, go to the Lord for all your needs.
Instead of enjoying the fellowship with that friend, go to the Father!
Instead of your life revolving around your children, let God be your focus.
Instead of looking to the church or others to help you through tough times, go to the one who knows your heart and knows the exact thing you need!! He is never wrong in his advice!! He will never reject you or walk away. He will always be there to listen, to instruct, to forgive.

When we love God, the way we are supposed to, then we won't look to others to fulfill those needs we have. We will be hurt, but not crushed when others walk away.

When we love God, the way he loves us, we can forgive all that is done to us and love the other person no matter what they have done.

God's love is the most amazing thing in the world. To love and truly be loved in return is one of the most amazing things in this life!! Don't let hard feelings, jealously, selfishness, bitterness get in the way of loving others and letting others love you.

When, not if, others hurt you, forgive, truly forgive and walk on with God.  He will never leave you.

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