Thursday, January 28, 2016

War Room Prayers for Your Husband

If you have not seen the movie, War Room, please do. The makers of these films just gets better with each one they produce. The message of this one is much needed. We live in a time when so many complain about things, but never pray about them. Marriages end in divorce, relationships are shattered, co-workers cannot get along, children hating each other and the list could go on. We never use the only weapon that can truly change things in our lives. Prayer. For a lot of people, they just don't know how to use this weapon. We know what we want and we complain to God, or give him a report, but we don't know how to effectively pray. First our hearts must have the right attitude towards God. He is not waiting for us to say the magic words and he'll give us just what we ask for. We must ask him for his will. How do we know his will? Read the word of God.  Then pray for the word of God for your situation.
Just to give you an idea of some things to pray for, I am going to give you some scriptures that I pray for my husband. This list is not limited so get into the word of God and watch your husband and see what areas he needs strengthening in and then find a scripture and pray it for him, not for him to be every thing you want, but so that he can be every thing God wants him to be, so that God gets the glory for it. We don't need to tell our husbands what to be. We need to see what God wants him to be and get in our own war room and go to battle for our man!!  You don't have to wait to see things in his life to pray for. Some things are just common temptations to men, Pray for him to have strength before that temptation comes.
Here is an example of how to pray the scriptures:
The number one thing our husbands need is salvation. The bible says no man can come to God unless he is drawn. John 6:44. If your husband is not saved, pray:
"God, please draw_____to you, that he may be saved."
If he gets saved or if he is saved already, the most needful thing is for him to love God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength, as we are commanded to do in Luke.
Luke 10:27 God please help___________to love you with all his heart, with all his soul, with all his strength and with all his mind.
Ex 20:3 Help _____to not have any other gods before you.
Eph. 6:4 Bless ______that he would love and nurture our children in the admonition of the Lord.
Philip. 4:8 Help ______to think on things that true, lovely, honest, just, pure, of a good report, virtuous.
Ps. 101:3 May_____put no wicked things before his eyes: computer, TV, Phone,  or anywhere.
Col. 4:6 Bless _______'s speech, that it be with grace, seasoned with salt. Eph 4:29 That no corrupt communication come out of his mouth, but that he edifies others with his words.
Eph 2:3  Give______a heart to esteem others better than himself.
Prov. 3:5-6 Help ______to trust in you and lean not unto his own understanding, but to acknowledge you in all his ways that you may direct his paths.
Matt. 4:4 Help ______to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
There are so many things we can pray for our husband. These are just a few. We don't need to pray for selfish things like him spending more time with us, that he'll pick up his dirty socks etc. We need to pray for our men to become like Christ. When that happens, all else will fall into place.
Expect a battle when you begin to pray this way. The devil does not like us to take the most powerful weapon and use it. But go ahead and by faith, pray!!

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  1. This is so good!. Some of the best things we can do for our husband is pray for them.


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