Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Don't Tell

Here is another example of being a Christian 1st. My ex-husband just bought out my half of our home but there was a lesson to be told before the papers were signed.
I recently remarried and told my ex-husband that I was going to sell our home. He said he wanted it and he and I set up a time to do a walk through.  The very next week, my children were there moving some stuff out and noticed that the flooring under the refrigerator was soft. My husband and I went back over that night and the valve behind the refrigerator had gone bad and had been leaking.  Several people told me to just not tell my ex because 'we had done the walk through and it was fine at that point'.  He was 'buying the house as is'.
There is a lot of hatred of ex spouses in our world. People let that hatred make them do nasty things and feel some bad emotions about the other. My ex did walk out on a family that was and is still, serving God. He went against the word of God and did just what he felt like doing, what was easy.  From the day he walked out, I began praying for God to help me forgive him. Forgiveness does not mean what he did was OK, it just means I'm taking my hands off of him and letting God deal with him. The bible says, the way of the transgressor is hard. God never lies. When a person goes against God, it is hard. So when I was told to not tell him, I knew it was wrong. I had forgiven him and if I was selling this home to a close friend or someone I loved, I would tell them. Just because he did his family wrong, does not give me the right to do him wrong. God sees all that we do in secret and he judges us for it. He also sees the right things we do and judges us openly for those as well.
So I told him about it. I know he doesn't appreciate that, because he never appreciated anything I did for him, but God knew I was being honest.  I didn't do it for him to appreciate it. I didn't do it to  gain any favor with him. I did it simply because, 1st I am a Christian,  before I am an ex-wife.  A Christian cannot let their emotions get in the way of doing what is right. God says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It does not say do unto them what you think they deserve. God says to esteem others better than yourself, not think of yourself before others who you think are not worthy of it. When God tells us how to treat others, he gives no stipulations as to whom you can not do right. He does not say if it's an ex-spouse who did you wrong, he does not say if your boss is mean you can write that verse off for him, he does not give us the privilege of cutting certain groups out. He says to do it and we must.  1st I am a Christian, before I am an ex-wife.

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