Monday, November 9, 2015

Yes or No

I am going to start a new series on here, called "1st I am a Christian". No matter what happens or where we are or who we are around, if we bought by the precious blood of Christ, we must remember that before anything else, we are a Christian. Every thing we do, every where we go, the people we hang  around with, the way we deal with others, the things we listen to and watch, should all be filtered by the fact, that before we are a husband, wife, sister, brother, mother, father, friend or co-worker, we are a Christian. God lets bad things happen to us, so that we can let him shine through us, that others may see there is a better way to handle things. A way that brings us peace and lets others see God in us. What good does it do to be a Christian, if we don't live the word out. Every one knows how to get mad and blow up. Everyone knows how to lie, steal and cheat, how to get even with someone. But God has a better way.  There has been quite a few lessons I have learned in life, the hard way. Even though others told me I had a right to do this or that, or to say this or that, God didn't. I thank him for  his word and the peace that passes all understanding when you follow it.
A problem will keep reoccurring and make us more aggravated every time it comes up, if we don't look at the root of the problem, which can be found in the word of God. Take any problem and look in the word and you will see it clearly and know how to respond.  Before you respond to any hurt or anger or bad situation, remember that you are a Christian first.  If it is not more important for Christ to be seen in you, than for your flesh to be glorified through your reaction, then you need to check up on your salvation. This life is not about us being tough. It's about drawing others to Christ through the life we live on a daily basis in front of everyone.
A common problem that occurs all the time, is that people don't want to give you a straight answer. This is very common when it comes to buying and selling.  I am in the middle of selling my home. I know what I want for it. A realtor told me to ask more and go down. That makes no sense to me.  I am not going to haggle and go back and forth. I prayed about it, I know what sum God gave me and I am sticking to it. But that is God's way. Matthew 5:37  But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. Settle it in your heart, hear from him and wait.  The worlds way is to haggle, bargain, go back and forth, making excuses for the sum they can or will pay, looking at little things and trying to make the other person think they can't pay that much. Did you notice the second part of that verse? Whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. People will lie to you to get what they want, to get their way. Whenever I go to buy something, I pray about it and get the amount I know the Lord has told me and then find it. If someone gives me a price too high, I just go on. Is it more important for you to brag about the deal you got, even if you know you had to lie to get it or for Christ to be seen because your answer was simply yes or no?
If someone asks you to come to dinner, go shopping or to a  movie or do anything, if you know you don't want to do something with that person, just say no. It's better to say no, than to go and make everyone miserable because you are showing an attitude. I had that happen in our family. One person made the whole day miserable because they couldn't control their emotions and made sure everyone knew they didn't want to be there. I never made them come. They profess to be a Christian, but they sure didn't look or act like one that day to anyone there. It was more important to that person to show their flesh than for God to be seen in them.
These are just 2 examples. The next time you feel yourself hesitate or think about how to answer someone, just ask God what your answer should be and be honest. When you walk away from that person, it feels so good to know that you were honest and trusted God, that if he wanted it, it happened and that you didn't do anything to hurt the work of God. God honors us when we honor his word.
Before being a wheeler and dealer or someone who doesn't take anything off anyone, be a Christian. God paid a high price for you, if you are saved. It's the least we can do for him.

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  1. Warm greetings from the coast of Maine this morning, dear Sandra. I love this spoke right to my heart. My son has been trying to find a used plow truck for some time now...and he has a set price that he knows he can afford...but has been so disheartened by all of the folks who aren't truthful about what they have for sale. I am going to share this encouragement with him this morning...thank you so much...
    Sweet blessings,


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