Monday, July 6, 2015

Great Purse Organizer

I  was complaining to someone one day about my purse and how it was driving me crazy. I love being organized and having my stuff all in the bottom of my purse and having to fumble around to find it, drove me crazy.  My friend told me there was this purse organizer on QVC and I should take a look at it. I did and I bought it. I am not disappointed. I LOVE this thing. It has so many pockets and not only that, but the pockets on the outside of your purse or even the inside of the purse around this insert, are extra space. Every thing has a place now in my purse. No more fumbling around for it.  You can lift this out and put it in another purse and you are ready to go. There is a short video on this site if you want to see how it works. There are several colors you can order as well. It has a zipper so you can also use this for travel or organizing your drawers. It costs $22 plus $3 shipping. It's well worth the price!!

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