Thursday, February 13, 2014

Funglish - Another Fun Family Game

One of my daughters was introduced to this game a couple of weeks ago and she loved it, so we bought it. It is SO much fun. You have  to pick a card with some words on it and you have 3 minutes to see if you can get your team mates to guess what you are describing, by  putting words on the board. The top section is for words that are" Definitely" describing it, the second section is for 'Kind Of"' and the last section is for 'Not".  You have all kinds of little cards with describing words and you can't say a word while you are putting them on there, you just keep adding words until they guess it.  Like one I had was 'shark', so I put the color words for gray, then human on the not section and so on. Your team mates ask questions and guess while you are putting the words on there, so as you nod your head one way or the other, they figure it out.  It's sort of like the game Taboo, but instead of describing it by speaking, you are adding descriptive words to the board and not talking at all. This is definitely a fun family game!

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