Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don't Waste a Good Problem

I was listening to yet another sermon by Otto Koning and he made a good statement, that has stuck with me for several days now that offered me a solution  to handling some problems.. If you have never heard this man, please rush right over to this site and sign up. You can listen to the first one for free. It's an amazing story of what God taught him in a very bad situation. He has many such stories to tell. You will NOT be bored and God will speak to you through this man.  This particular one, he was talking about how to handle the hard problems that come our way. He said, "Don't waste a good problem."  God gave us his word, not just to show us how to be saved, but to help us solve every problem we have. So many times we worry and fret over something, but we need to go to the word of God and find the solution. Nothing is new to God and there are no new problems and there are no new solutions. The word has the answer.  A lot of Christians go to church and read their bibles, but they don't apply the scriptures to find the solutions to every day problems. God doesn't want us to just go to him for the big things in our lives. He gave us his word to grow by, to live by and to help us resolve conflicts. Got problems? We all do. God has the solution. You just have to read it and apply it. 

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  1. Absolutely!! The Bible is a manual for living, not a definition of religion. God offers solutions - we ignore them. Thanks for a blog subject, too.


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