Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Deal With People Who Push Your Buttons

 We ALL have to deal with people who push our buttons. Some people try to make you mad, some try to get pity  ALL the time. There is all kinds of ways people push our buttons. Some people we can just stay away from or we don't have to see them that much, but then there are some people that we can't. Like a spouse, child, extended family member, co worker etc. These people we do have to be around. They can drive us crazy with it all, but we can't get away from them, so what are we to do? This book has the answer.   If every person read this book and applied it,  people could start having good relationships and people could really love each other. There is a deep rooted reason why people push others buttons, whether it's from past hurts or the need for love or for control. This book helps you to see that you can be part of the problem, keeping them in this button pushing mode. He also tells you how to handle it, in a loving way, to help the other one. I can't recommend this book enough. 


  1. Since I've gotten older,people have to be on my terms and I'm not a mean person either.I show kindness when it's dued and giving.But I have been around enough when people(either family or friends) have an agenda they think for me.

  2. Great book suggestion. Thank you!


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