Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Angry With God?

For many years I would have NEVER admitted out loud that I was angry at God. I never even admitted it to myself.  This writer's grandmother went through some terrible things in her life, starting with the 
Armenian Genocide where she witnessed her father and brother killed and then her sister died on the long, desert march. There's more to her story of sorrow. She was so bitter at God until right before she died. The granddaughter wants to find some answers as to why God lets such things happen to people and how they are to handle it. I think about the three girls who were taken and lived in that house for 10 years and 
Jaycee Dugard, who was held for 17 years.  I think of people who suffer physically, every waking moment of their lives. We all know someone who has tragedy in their life. How many times have we heard that we just need to have faith and trust God? We do, but that doesn't quench the anger we feel. Anger is not always acting out, screaming or throwing things. As this author explains, we can be angry and no one will know. No one except God, that is. One statement the author makes is this: "To say 'don't worry, be happy' in the face of tragedy is not faith, but emotional anesthesia." How true!! But what do we do with the anger we feel towards God? This book has the answer. I've underlined more things in this book than any I've read in the past couple of years. There are examples of people who got angry at God in the bible. He didn't strike them dead or tell them to not feel anything. He gave us emotions. We are not to be bitter at God or angry either. But some times we need help in figuring out just how to get that anger out. If you or someone you know has been through something very hard, there is probably anger there, that is unresolved. This book can help. 

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  1. "To say 'don't worry, be happy' in the face of tragedy is not faith, but emotional anesthesia," stuck a chord with me. An internet friend uses this as her motto, openly denying a faith in God. Yes, she experienced tragedy in her life, too, but unlike the author's story, she remains in denial. Talking with God clears the anger and helps us accept peace in our lives. Thanks for the book review!


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