Friday, May 10, 2013

Kitchen Gadget That Saves You Loads of Time

I do a lot of cooking and a lot of dicing. The problem I had, is that my electric chopper, made most of my stuff mush, so I went looking for a manual chopper. I had used the one with the zig zag blade but that didn't hold up very long and it didn't work good either. Then I read about this Vidalia Chop Wizard.  I ordered it and have been using it for the past 2 months. I LOVE this thing. Just click on the link and you can see a short video on how it works. Just  put your vegetable on the grid and with one push, it's done! As you can see, there is a measuring label on the side. This saves you from dirtying a measuring cup. If you are cooking something that needs one cup of diced onion, just chop and turn it to the side and you'll see how much you've done. My son's birthday was last month and we had some company over. He wanted some powdered fries so I had to cut up 10 pounds of potatoes. This was a breeze with this thing. All the potatoes were the same size, which is great for even cooking, and it took no time at all. That would have been a lot of work if I had to hand cut them all. This wizard has 2 different grids that go in it. One for the bigger diced things and one for the small things like garlic. One tip I read on Amazon, is to put the vegetable in it and just hit it one time with the side of your fist. This really works for hard things like carrots. I shopped around and the best price was at the site I've highlighted because you can get the second one for just the extra shipping. Just make sure you click that you want 2 or they'll just send you one, but you only pay for one. It also comes with a little 'comb' thing to clean it with, which is a breeze, that you see in the picture. This thing has made it so much easier to make stir fries, cook potatoes whether it's for fries or hashbrowns or just cubed, and for other recipes that need a lot of dicing like most soups. It has really saved me a LOT of time in the kitchen. This is one gadget that is worth having. 

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  1. I've had one for several yrs now and LUV it. I used it tonight. So simple to use and store, a little hard to clean up but not so much that it's not worth it.


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