Friday, May 25, 2012

Homemade Dill Pickles

I remember reading about how to make dill pickles. You had to have them in a crock in the basement for so long, so I never made them. Then I found this recipe in a newspaper here in our town. That was about 12 years ago. I've been making these pickles ever since. My family loves them. They are so easy to make, they are good and stay crunchy if you soak them in Pickling Lime a few hours before you put them up.
fresh washed cucumbers, cut into how ever you want them
1-1/2 TBS dill seed
1-1/2 cloves garlic
1 quart white vinegar
2 quarts water
3/4 c salt
Wash your cucumbers and cut as you want them in your jars. Put in a stainless steel pan or plastic bowl. Mix up the pickling lime and pour over. Put in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Rinse well and pack into jars.
In each quart jar, put the dill seed and garlic. Pack with the cucumbers.
Bring the water, vinegar and salt to a rolling boil.
Heat your lids up in a small pan.
Using a measuring up or anything that is heat resistant, scoop up some water and pour in the jars, up to the rim. Put a hot lid on them and tighten the lid. Turn upside down on a towel and let set for 15 minutes. Turn right side up and tighten the lid more, if possible. They are ready in 3 weeks.


  1. How quick and easy! Beloved Husband is a sweet pickle fan, but I'm passing this recipe on to my girls who are dill pickle fans!! Good stuff.

  2. So is the pickling lime made up of the vinegar, water and salt? I'm guessing from the lack of instructions that is what the cukes get soaked in. But now I'm uncertain because later you say to boil the water, vinegar and salt. So what makes the pickling lime?


  3. I added a link to the pickling lime, for those who don't know what it is. It's a powder you buy and mix with water. If you don't soak your cucumbers in it, they will only be crisp for about 3 months. If you soak them, they'll be crisp all year.

  4. Oh I love this!! Thank you. I haven't put up Pickles in years and love them...I use to do Bread and Butter Pickles with a friend.

    Crisp all year!

    and No water bath to mess with?

    Will I hear the infamous POP that the jar is sealed. We use to Squeel over fun!

    Thanks again Sandra..

    updated my long over due post on my blogs.


  5. Oh this sounds so good, Chuck would love these, I may do a batch and put in the fridge.

  6. I just bought pickling lime to make this...but I am unsure how much I need to use? Does anyone know measurements for how much to use? Since I am just starting I don't want to make a huge batch just yet...but yeah any suggestions.


  7. You put 1/2 cup pickling lime per gallon of water. I always measure the water as I'm pouring it over the cucumbers and then I add the right amount of lime to it on top and just stir it in. It dissolves really fast.

  8. Don't you sterilize jars and lids? When jars are filled don't you have to boil the pickles after they are packed for 5 mlnutes to keep them for a year?

  9. The jars are already sterilized. You just pack them with the spices and cucumbers and heat the flat part of the lid. Just pour the boiling brine over and put the lid on and turn upside down. Even if they don't seal, which mine always do if the brine is boiling, it's OK because it's vinegar.

  10. Is this 1 1/2 TBS of dill and garlic for each jar?



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