Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy Soap Making Tutorial

This first picture is the finished product. I tried to get it to the bottom of this post, but it will not move. I had to take the soap out of the mold this morning so it was the last picture to post. The box is where I keep it for the two weeks until it's ready to use. 
Soap making is very easy and a lot of  fun. This is a tutorial to show you step by step how you can make it. First gather your ingredients. For this recipe you will need: 4 cups of water, 48 oz. lard, 32 oz. coconut oil and 17 oz olive oil. I get all this at Wal-Mart. You will also need 14 oz of  lye. I get mine from the Lye Guy

The VERY FIRST thing you do, is to put the water in. If you put the lye and then the water, it will blow up on you and burn you badly. This step is very important.  Also make sure you have some regular vinegar right next to you. If this splashes on you, it will BURN your skin. If that happens, immediately stop everything and pour vinegar on it. Don't wash it first and don't worry about the soap, pour vinegar right on it. This has never happened to me, but I always keep it right there just in case. The vinegar is the only thing that will stop the lye from burning further.  I am using a stainless steel pot this time, because it will be easily seen on the pictures, but you can use any plastic bucket. If you use plastic, don't use it for anything else, but with stainless steel, you can wash it out and use it as normal. After you put the water in, slowly pour in  your lye. I put a hot pad under it because it gets very hot. 
If you click on the next picture and  look toward my drawers, you can see the steam coming up from the pot. This stuff gets very hot. When you see this for a minute or two, then add  your lard, then coconut oil and olive oil. It will start to melt it.
Use a large spoon, break up the large pieces to help it melt quicker. Put your stick blender in and begin to mix it. 
When the soap begins to 'trace' then you know the soap is ready to pour in the molds.If you look at the next picture, you will see what tracing is. You can pick your stick blender up and move it and the soap will leave a trace where you put it. If you want to add herbs, oatmeal, scents, now is the time to do that.
Have your molds ready before you even begin making soap, so that when you get to this point, you can just pour it. My husband made me this mold. It is 3 inch PVC pipe that he cut in half. He put the end caps on them that he also cut in half. Then he nailed a small board to each end to hold them in place. I got some foamy sheets from Wal-Mart in the craft section and lined it with that. I put masking tape on the backs to hold them together. I also marked  the PVC with a permanent marker as to where I wanted them cut, so that all my bars are the same size. So when I cut my foam, I pieced it together where a mark is, so that I don't have lines in the middle of my soap. The seams are right on a cut line. So now you just pour the soap in the molds. I'm making a color in it, to show you how to do that, so I left a little bit in the pot. 
I took a half a teaspoon of soap coloring powder and mixed it with 1 tsp. of olive oil and then added it to the pot. 
I poured it into  a two cup measuring cup and began to pour over the top. The higher you hold the cup, the deeper it goes. So I poured some high and then some low, to get the color on the top as well. 
Then I took a butter knife and I swirled the color in and then I ran the knife straight down the middle. It kind of made it look like hearts!
Let it set for one hour and then take a butter knife and cut for the size bars you want. Let it set for 24 hours and the bars will lift right out, by pulling up the foam. Just wipe the foam off and it's ready for the next time you make soap. I then put the bars in a box lined with wax paper and let it set for 2 weeks.  This mold makes the bars a half circle shape, which I like. We take our funny scissors and cut pieces of scrap booking paper and wrap around a bar to give as gifts. 
Never wash your pans or utensils the day you make them, unless you wipe the majority of  it off first. It will set up in your pipes and clog them up. Another soaping friend gave me a good tip that I do every time now. Just take a hand towel and wipe the pot and utensils off and throw it on the washing machine. The next time you wash whites, just throw it in. This way you can wash your stuff up that day and it won't hurt your pipes.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the blue accents. The soap looks pretty easy to put together! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Pretty soap. You made this sound so easy, we will have to try it.

  3. i think this is best soap making tutorial i ever read. even in class it was not so sweet. keep up.
    mugeca in kenya!

  4. I just joined your blog. I love it.
    I am going to try this soap making and thank you for showing how to do it!
    I have never done it before but I can't wait to get what I need to make it, mt first time.
    Please come by my blog, I love to get new follower's!

    Wish me luck!

  5. This is the easiest recipe and tutorial! Can't wait to try it. Thank you for all your guidance. I will be sharing this with others.

  6. The soap looks gorgeous! I'm adding this to my Pinterest so I won't look back in a week and say "Where did I find that beautiful blue soap?"

  7. In the soap tutorial didnt you leave a step out? Dont you have to cook the mixture after the oils are added?

  8. No, you don't have to cook it, because when you add the lye to the water, it heats it up to melt all the oils. No cooking necessary.

  9. This is wonderful! I have been making soap for a few years, but the recipe is SO much more complicated than yours. I am so thrilled to find this and can't wait to try it! I love the way you made the pretty heart shapes, too. So happy we "met" today. :)

  10. I love the way your soap looks. I understand how you cut the PV pipe but I got lost on the explanation when you explained the rest. How do you keep it from tipping? I couldn't figure out where the foam went. My brain is old! :( Did you show any other close up pictures of this mold in another post?


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