Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gift Wrap Organizer

About 12 years ago a friend of mine bought me a gift wrap organizer like number 3. I loved it. I never thought about how handy this would be, until the first time I had to wrap a gift. All I had to do was take the gift and everything I needed was right there! It hung in my closet and was easy to get to. The only thing is the bag was made of vinyl and after a few years, the pockets tore. So I moved up to number 2, which I have now. This slides under my bed and is sturdy. BUT, a couple of weeks ago, I found number 1.  I bought this for my future daughter-in-law from the Container Store.  I LOVE this organizer better than the other two and it's now on my Christmas list!! You can click on the link above and under the picture it'll say, "See How it Works." There is a short video showing how this thing works. It's made of canvas and is very sturdy. The rolls each have their own section to be put in and there is something to hold your rolls of paper as you are rolling it out. Little compartments hold everything you need. You just set it at the end of your table and wrap your gift, then you fold it right up and hang it in your closet by the sturdy hanger. It folds so neat and flat.  Of all the gift wrap organizers, this one is by far, the best.


  1. I've been looking for an excuse to go into town to the Container Store -- that looks like an excellent idea. I have a standup container, but not nearly as neat as this one.

    PS-Thanks for the heads up on links from my page. I hope it was a quirk, they seem to work now.

  2. I have a large stand up container that sits in my garage. Yours are great!

  3. Pretty neat ~ I am liking organization more and more.


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