Monday, December 5, 2011

Handy Tools for Cooking With Lemons

I used to dread cooking with lemons, because it took SO long to get the zest off. The zest really adds the punch to any thing, so I knew it was needed. I had tried several different zesters and they all left me dreading using lemons. Then I read the reviews on this one. I LOVE it. I can just swipe it across the lemon and the zest comes off easily. In a matter of seconds I have a LOT of zest. Then I was at TJ Maxx and saw this lemon juicer. It was just $2.99 and I got it. Now making anything with lemons is so easy. I no longer dread it. My girls will have both of these when they leave home!

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  1. Those are both so cool! No, I did not have a zester. I've used a number of uncool things as a "get by." Now I'll have to look for these. I have a large juicer, but this one has the right price and keeps the juice handier. Good suggestions!!


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