Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Great Game for All Ages

A friend of ours brought this game over and we had the most fun playing it! You put the head band on your head and put a card in it. You don't see what it is, but every one else does.  You then have one minute to ask questions about what you are. If you don't guess, the next person asks questions about what they are. The first person to get three cards guessed right, wins.  My husband had a jump rope and we all just laughed when he asked, "Am I a food?" "Do I have four fur?" "Do we have one?" Yes, we have one, but he never uses it! It is just so much fun.  The box makes it look like a kids game, but we all had the biggest time playing it, and the youngest was 13. Amazon has it, but I'm  not sure where else.

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  1. My kids received this as a gift last year and they love it!


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